Directing Work
Freddie's directing work can be found here

Born in London, raised on a farm, Freddie worked for Wieden + Kennedy for over 12 years. He moved between Portland and London, creating and overseeing some of the most iconic and revered campaigns in the network. After moving to the Pacific Northwest and encountering new and different talent, he suddenly found himself learning and growing all over again. So from March 2020 he pledged to get out from under the cushy wing of Dan Wieden, go freelance and gain exposure to even more of those people. The years in America gave him a unique perspective on work and he now prides himself on working internationally.
He now spends the majority of his time as a full time director within DROOL ( and helps push other creative's work to be the absolute best it can be.
He currently resides in Berkshire, England with his wife, British daughter and American son. His draconian education told him ‘there’s a way things are done’. He will spend the rest of his life trying to prove them wrong.

Stuff you should know if you want to freelance Freddie
👍🏻What’s he good at?
Freddie does a lot of things pretty well and a few things really well. His specialty is generating ideas: Crazy ideas, funny ideas, dumb ideas, smart ideas. Give him an area to run in and he’ll go all day (or night, depending on where you are in the world).
🎨Art Director or ✏️Copywriter?
He’s an Art Director. He thinks visually but he does both. He firmly believes you cannot be good at your job if you cannot do both. He’s got a Gold Lion for ‘Script Writing’ to prove it.
👎🏻What’s he bad at?
Having given a preachy spiel about art directors being able to write, he holds his hands up and says he cannot write headlines or tag lines for shit.
🇬🇧How does working abroad… work?
It's 2020. Video conference and Google Docs reign. Additionally he can fly in for briefings, presentations and checkins but the majority of the work will be taken on remotely.
He’s open to working with whoever but he’s also got a great relationship with a bunch of preferred writer partners in New York, Portland and London.