Directing Work
Freddie is now a full time commercial director. His directing work can beĀ found here

Born in London, raised on a farm, Freddie worked for Wieden + Kennedy for over 12 years. He moved between Portland and London, creating and overseeingĀ some of the most iconic and revered campaigns in the network. After moving to the Pacific Northwest and encountering new and different talent, he suddenly found himself learning and growing all over again. So from March 2020 he pledgedĀ toĀ get out from under the cushy wing of Dan Wieden, go freelanceĀ andĀ gain exposure to even more of thoseĀ people. TheĀ years in America gave himĀ a unique perspective on work and he now prides himself on working internationally.
In 2021 he started DROOL productions - a bespoke production company hell bent on helping creatives push their work to be the very best it could be. From his very first year, Freddie started picking up industry awards and global recognition for bringing his trademark energy, craft and love to every spot he shoots.
He currently resides in Berkshire, England with his wife, British daughter and American son. His draconian education told him ā€˜thereā€™s a way things are doneā€™. He will spend the rest of his life trying to prove them wrong.