Laughing babies, photobombing squirrels and cat videos – just some of the seemingly frivolous content we post on Facebook, share on Twitter or email to family and friends. And when you think about it like that, this stuff isn’t silly at all. Because it’s sharing this stuff with each other on a daily basis that connects us to one another. That's why Three do everything they can to help you live up to their brand line, ‘Keep on internetting’.
And that's why we made them an ad with a moonwalking pony in it. But rather than just play back the crazy things online that we all like to share, we wanted to actually contribute to it. We wanted to celebrate the seemingly silly stuff and also provide the means for people to mess with it and create their own little pieces of joy that they can share.
So as well as the TV ad, we created The Pony Mixer, a dancing-pony-remixing tool where you can make our pony shake it to anything from Boyband to Bollywood. Unleash your creation on the world via Facebook or Twitter and you might be hailed an internetting hero in one of many 30” TV spots.
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